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Best Offshore Jurisdictions for Tech Companies

13 March 2023
Tech companies are increasingly choosing offshore jurisdictions to incorporate. This can give the companies in question better access to international markets and supply chains, but also allows them to take advantage of favourable tax regimes and more lenient business regulations. [..]

The Global tax agreement: overview / explanations

15 February 2023
The global economy is facing numerous changes, with the introduction of the latest tax reform being one of the most notable. The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) proposal [..]

Can You Register a Yacht in the Seychelles?

14 February 2023
In short, yes, it is possible to register a yacht in the Seychelles. The Seychelles is a popular jurisdiction for yacht registration due to its favorable tax laws [..]

What is a Passive Holding Company?

13 February 2023
A passive holding company is a company that owns various assets or the outstanding stock of other companies, giving it control of those companies and their operations [..]

UAE Corporate Law Published – What this Means to Your Business

2 February 2023
The UAE’s MoF (Ministry of Finance) outlined their implementation of a new corporate tax regime in December 2022. [..]

Benefits of an Offshore Company in Seychelles

1 February 2023
A highly desirable location for both business and pleasure, the Republic of the Seychelles lies in the Indian Ocean and is one of Africa’s most predominant financial hubs[..]

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