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Explore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

25 October 2023
SFM is thrilled to announce that as we continue our mission and growth, we are now able to provide our comprehensive suite of corporate services in the Middle East’s largest and fastest growing economy, Saudi Arabia [..]

Portugal is expected to discontinue the non-habitual tax resident regime in 2024

24 October 2023
Portugal's Prime Minister has hinted at the discontinuation of the country's non-habitual tax resident regime starting in 2024 [..]

UAE Flash News: Tax on Real Estate Investments

1 August 2023
If you are a non-resident of the UAE with real estate income in the UAE, there are a few crucial updates to be aware of regarding tax on real estate investments [..]

How to Open a Business Bank Account in Quebec, Canada

26 July 2023
Quebec is not only known for its rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and thriving entrepreneurial environment, but it also offers a business-friendly climate that attracts both local and international businesses. Having a Canadian bank account can provide numerous benefits [..]

The Role of International Jurisdictions in Business and Investment

21 July 2023
International jurisdictions have played a traditional role in the business and investment sectors since time immemorial. Entrepreneurs and investors alike have always been exploring the benefits and opportunities offered [..]

The Need for Reform: Inheritance Tax in the UK

14 July 2023
Inheritance tax, a tax levied on the transfer of assets from one generation to another, has long been a subject of debate and scrutiny in the United Kingdom. Critics argue that the current system is complex, burdensome, and in need of reform to ensure fairness and promote economic growth [..]

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