How Much Does it Cost to Register a Company?

SFM’s pricing commitment relies on 2 major principles: offering the best value for money, and full transparency.

Set-up fee:

includes all documents so that the company can be fully operational right from the first day of registration.
  • The Certificate of Incorporation issued by the local registrar.
  • Company secretarial maintenance.
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • A company head office (Registered address and Agent).
  • The share certificate(s).
  • The resolution relating to the nomination of director and the distribution of shares.
  • A fully dedicated agent from SFM at your service for one year.
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Optional services

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Disclaimer: An introduction service includes the preparation of the application form and the submission of the application file. Any application is subject to the acceptance of the client by the bank.

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