Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) - Business Setup

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Investors can open bank accounts locally and internationally
  • Complete confidentiality

About Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

ADGM operates across Al Maryah Island and Al Reem Island, covering an extensive area of 14.38 million square meters, establishing itself as one of the world's largest financial districts. Its expanded domain attracts a diverse array of businesses, including financial institutions, asset management, fintech, corporations, and professional services firms. ADGM offers comprehensive business solutions, encompassing various legal structures, company registration, regulatory guidance, dispute resolution, and access to a vibrant community of professionals.

Since its inauguration in late October 2015, ADGM has gained global recognition for its robust regulatory frameworks, English common law legal system, and exceptional incorporation and business services. Through fostering collaboration and understanding diverse business needs, ADGM has pioneered industry-first initiatives, both regionally and globally. Serving as a catalyst for change, ADGM continuously enhances its world-class business environment, fostering growth, innovation, and economic diversification in alignment with Abu Dhabi's future vision.

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Company Formation In ADGM: Benefits & Characteristics
  • ADGM offers a tax-friendly environment with 100% ownership, no withholding tax, and no profit repatriation restrictions for registered businesses.
  • ADGM operates with independent legal jurisdiction and applies English Common Law. Its Courts facilitate digital and in-person hearings, ensuring strong cross-border collaboration.
  • ADGM serves diverse businesses through a seamless digital setup process. It offers flexible asset structuring via Special Purpose Vehicles and provides UAE Golden visas, granting up to 10 years residency.
Company Formation in ADGM: Types of Licenses
Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) serve as passive holding companies, safeguarding assets and liabilities by isolating financial and legal risks. ADGM's SPV framework stands out for its flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency, adhering to global standards. The registration process is swift and entirely digital, with clear reporting guidelines. To establish an SPV in ADGM after July 12, 2021, a Company Service Provider must be appointed, ensuring a connection to ADGM, within the UAE, or the GCC Region. Designed to meet diverse business needs, ADGM SPVs find applications across various sectors. They function solely as holding entities, prohibiting operational business or staff employment and its features include:
  • simplified document processes,
  • unrestricted ownership nationality,
  • minimal shareholder and director requirements (allowing non-residents), and
  • the need for at least one UAE-resident or GCC-national authorised signatory,
  • all without specified minimum capital or maximum share limits.
An ADGM Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) serves as a versatile holding entity that can be tailored by business owners, investors, innovators, families and established firms to meet their specific requirements. This vehicle offers adaptability in securing stakes, real estate assets, and intellectual property entitlements.
Corporations and non-financial firms in ADGM enjoy a robust support system for establishing new businesses or regional entities. They benefit from an extensive network of corporate service providers, diverse business services, and a legal framework aligned with international standards and English common law. Corporations and corporate treasury entities find stability and a favourable tax environment within ADGM's ecosystem, supported by banks and professional advisors. Additionally, ADGM provides a stable platform for family offices and foundations, offering various structural options for their operations.
ADGM hosts global and regional banks, asset management firms, wealth management, fintech, and capital market participants. They profit from the centre's forward-thinking regulation and the application of English common law.
ADGM is a dynamic business and lifestyle hub, featuring upscale retail, diverse dining, premium hospitality, and exceptional healthcare. Setting up a retail presence is convenient through ADGM Registration Authority.

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We prioritize confidentiality and data protection to ensure the safety of your sensitive information. We offer competitive pricing to provide cost-effective solutions for your business needs. SFM has a high client satisfaction rate, which is a testament to our commitment to excellent service. Additionally, we have a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience, business experts and an international group of companies who are members of leading associations. SFM also has a strong executive team that conducts business with integrity and due diligence, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your company.
Documents Required
for an ADGM company formation
Detailed information about your business, certified passport copies of directors, authorised signatories, individual shareholders, beneficial owners etc., copy of valid UAE residence visa of authorised signatories if applicable, certified true copy of certificate of registration/incorporation of corporate body Directors, Shareholders etc. Certified address proof in country of residence, shareholders/directors CVs as well as last 6 months bank statements and source of fund/wealth documentation.

Certification of documents can be provided by a registered lawyer or notary, a chartered accountant, the certifier must indicate his/her registration number and information/contact details. SFM can assist with this requirement if needed.

*Additional documents may be needed at any point during the incorporation process at the discretion of the license issuing authority
* Subject to the constraints of the due diligence procedure.
** Documents must be provided for every person related to the company.
Disclaimer: Nothing on this webpage shall be construed as a contractual commitment or as a warranty. Services conditions are governed by the applicable terms and conditions.

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Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Jurisdiction News

ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), a premier International Financial Centre

20 November 2023
ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), a premier International Financial Centre, is now part of our expanding repertoire, offering entrepreneurs a dynamic and lucrative jurisdiction for their business ventures.[..]

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