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Why Set Up a Company in Ras Al Khaimah?

Are you looking to set up an offshore company? Choosing Ras Al Khaimah for company formation offers numerous benefits to foreign individuals and businesses that want to operate internationally or expand their activities. The United Arab Emirates has become an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs due to its tax benefits and simple company registration process.

Ras Al Khaimah Company Formation is a solution that many foreign entrepreneurs find beneficial for their offshore structures as it offers several advantages.

Tax Benefits

RAK boasts a favourable tax environment that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to start their businesses successfully. Opening an offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah ensures you will be able to conduct your activities without being liable for corporate or personal income tax, capital gains tax, or withholding tax.

Foreign Ownership

Even as a non-resident, Ras Al Khaimah Company Formation allows you to retain sole ownership of your offshore business.

No Currency Restrictions

If you plan to conduct multiple foreign transactions, the absence of currency exchange rate restrictions is a convenient feature that can help you expand your offshore business opportunities.

Straightforward Registration Process

Setting up a company in RAK is a straightforward process, made even easier by SFM. Our experts can handle every aspect of your company registration in the UAE, giving you complete peace of mind and the ability to invest your time and energy in what you do best: growing your business.

Access to the Global Market

Ras Al Khaimah company formation lets you take full advantage of RAK’s strategic connections with Europe, Asia, and Africa. At the crossroads between these different markets, the UAE is the perfect place to expand your activities.

5 simple steps are needed to incorporate your company in RAK (UAE)

Complete our application form - Ras al-Khaimah (RAK ICC)
Complete our order form and make the payment for your chosen services. You will then be assigned a client manager to assist you through the incorporation process.
Upload your documents
Your account manager will ask you for official documents which are required for your company formation.
Incorporate your company successfully
Once your documents have been processed your company will be successfully incorporated subject to local authority approval.
Process any additional services
Your account manager will guide you through the steps of completing your request of additional services such as bank accounts.
Manage Your company via our client portal
Our client portal will give you immediate access to all your documents as well as display your company structure.

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Company Formation in RAK: Benefits & Tax Advantages

  • RAK is the most popular and cost-effective jurisdiction in the United Arab Emirates.
  • SFM is an official registered agent in Ras Al Khaimah, approved by local authorities. Our clients therefore have the guarantee to be served at the best price, and in the best conditions.
  • International Offshore Companies established in RAKICC (RAK) can take advantage of its various tax incentives.
  • Efficient registration process with minimal documentation requirements.
  • Strategic location with excellent infrastructure and global transportation connections.
  • Business-friendly legislation that supports companies incorporating in RAKICC (RAK).
  • International Offshore Companies established in RAKICC (RAK) can be used as Holding Companies to hold various assets, shares in other companies or even properties in Dubai or internationally.

Company Formation in RAK: Types & Criteria

Main Characteristics of a Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) Offshore Company

Company type
International Business Company (IBC)
Governing corporate legislation
RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC) is a Corporate Registry operating in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.
Information published relating to company officers
There is no public register of company officers. However, the particulars of the company structure are registered and must be maintained up-to-date with RAK ICC.
The UAE implemented many legislations to protect the data and the privacy of the persons and the companies. More information may be found here.
Accounting requirement
No accounting filing requirements.
However, the company must maintain its underlying documentation, including accounting records, for a minimum of 5 years, as prescribed by Regulation 101 – 107 of the RAK ICC Business Companies Regulations 2018 and Federal requirements.
Modern offshore legislation.
100% foreign ownership is allowed, no requirement to have a local partner.
Efficient communication means.
Time zone
Convenient world time zone: GMT+4
Paid up capital requirement
No paid up capital requirement. The standard share capital is AED 10,000 but can be amended to fit your requirements.
Renewal Date
Anniversary date of the company / Each Year
Basis of legal system
UAE law.
Minimum directors/shareholders
Minimum of 1 director/shareholder.
Bearer shares
Bearer shares are not permitted.
Documents Required
for the Creation of a RAK Offshore Company
A certified copy Certification of a passport can be made by a notary, an attorney-at-law, a bank, a public officer, or in accordance with SFM indications. Kindly consult your dedicated account manager at SFM to obtain precise information. of your passport, a certified copy of proof of domicile dated less than three months, a curriculum vitae, as well as last 3 months' bank statement. All in original.**

Frequently Asked Questions
Offshore Company Formation in Ras Al Khaimah

  • Is it legal for me to setup an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates?

    Absolutely, offshore companies (also known as IBC- International Business Companies) formed in RAK are perfectly legal and are recognized internationally, and are able to open bank accounts.
  • Is a RAK Offshore Company tax liable?

    No, Offshore companies formed in Ras al Khaimah are not subject to taxes on profit or capital gains.

    While a company may not be subject to tax reporting to its local authorities, you should consult with your own tax, legal or accounting advisor to determine whether you are subject to tax in any other jurisdiction including the jurisdiction in which you are a tax resident
  • Can I trade in Dubai with a RAK offshore company?

    By definition, offshore companies are not supposed to trade within their country of incorporation. Should you wish to trade within the UAE, you would need to setup a local Onshore comapny. Kindly visit our dedicated website for that purpose.
  • Is SFM present in the United Arab Emirates ?

    Yes, we are headquartered in Dubai and register thousands of companies in the Emirate every year. For more information, visit our Contact page.
  • Do I need a local partner for a Ras Al Khaimah IBC?

    No, RAK offshore companies do not need a local partner and 100% of shares can be owned by a foreigner.
  • Do I need to submit accounting records for a company in Ras Al Khaimah?

    No, this is not required.
  • Do I need to deposit the paid up capital for a RAK IBC?

    No paid up capital requirement. The standard share capital is AED 10,000 but can be amended to fit your requirements.
  • Will my name be public once I register a RAK company?

    No, there is there is no public register of company officers. However, the particulars of the company structure are registered and must be maintained up-to-date with RAK ICC(Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Center).
  • How Long Does It Take to Complete a Ras Al Khaimah Company Formation?

    From start to finish, setting up a RAK ICC is a quick process that should require no more than 2 to 3 days. Once you’ve decided on the type of activities you wish to conduct, our experts at SFM will help you determine the legal structure that will best suit your business, register your trade name, and submit your request to obtain your business certificate of incorporation.
  • Is There a Minimum Registered Capital Required to Set Up a RAK ICC?

    Setting up a RAK company requires no paid-up capital. While the standard share capital is AED 10,000, it is not a strict rule, and the amount may be amended to fit your specific requirements.
  • Should I Open a Bank Account in RAK for My Company?

    Opening a bank account in RAK or Dubai is an essential step for your company to be able to carry out transactions. SFM is there to facilitate this process so you can be ready to go very quickly.
  • Do I need a RAK address to register my business there?

    RAK ICC company formation requires the involvement of a local registered representative authorised by the local authorities and a local registered office. SFM is an authorised government registered agent and will act as your register agent and shall provide you with the registered address needed for your company.
  • Do I need a physical office in the UAE to conduct business in Ras Al Khaimah?

    A physical address rental is not required and SFM can use its status as an official registered agent in Ras Al Khaimah to provide the registered address for your business.
  • What documents do I need to produce for RAK offshore company registration?

    In addition to the directors', managers', and shareholders' identification papers, you will need to submit a project description, company memorandum, and articles of association along with your filled-out incorporation paperwork. SFM will guide you throughout the process and help you to complete all the required documentation.

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* Subject to the constraints of the due diligence procedure.
** Documents must be provided for every person related to the company.
Disclaimer: Nothing on this webpage shall be construed as a contractual commitment or as a warranty. Services conditions are governed by the applicable terms and conditions.

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Xenia Tsyganova who was my Client Manager was very polite, fast and very professional through the whole process. Huge thanks to Xenia !

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Very professional service ! I highly recommend SFM, and I do it for all my clients.
They are able to give the best advices and open the right doors for your business.
Thank you SFM Team 🙏
SFM has incorporated an offshore company for me in a timely manner and managed to open a bank account for the company as well. Their services were exceptional.
Anna Hochberg have gone above and beyond and I'm truly grateful for her services, support and efforts.

Understanding the Restrictions on the Business Activities of a RAK ICC Company

While RAK ICC Offshore companies are not permitted to conduct activities within the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah company formation encompasses most types of international businesses. They can even hold real estate property in Dubai. That said, some business activities are recorded as “High Risk” and, therefore, off limits. Meanwhile, some are strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Fund management
  • Gambling
  • Non-profit organisations and charities

High-Risk Activities:

  • Mining
  • Gold and diamond trade
  • Petroleum and crude oil trade
  • Trusts
  • Luxury goods trading
  • Defence industry activities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Lending services

Which Activities Can a RAK ICC Company Conduct?

The activities your RAK ICC can conduct include (but are not limited to):

  • International logistics and services
  • International trade (outside the UAE)
  • Project development
  • Shareholding
  • Patent holding and other intellectual property

What Are the Different Types of Companies Foreigners Can Set Up in RAK?

For your Ras Al Khaimah company formation, various structure options are available. Your choice will depend on your specific situation.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This is one of the most widely used types of registration options among small and medium-sized businesses. This structure permits 100% foreign ownership and requires one shareholder whose liability is limited to their acquisition.

Free Zone Company

Free Zone Establishments (FZE) with a single shareholder and Free Zone Companies (FZCO) with several shareholders enjoy the tax immunities and other advantages that come with operating within the designated UAE Free Zones.

Offshore Company

If you only wish to operate outside the UAE, an Offshore Company in Ras Al Khaimah will allow you to run your business with minimal reporting and accounting obligations while enjoying significant tax benefits.

Branch of a Foreign Company

Foreign companies may establish a branch office in Ras Al Khaimah to conduct similar activities there. Note that the branch’s legal identity will be indifferent from the parent company and subject to the rules of its jurisdiction.

Sole Proprietorship

Ideal for solo entrepreneurs, this structure can be run by a single person and for a specific domain of expertise (professional activity).

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