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Anguilla Offshore Company Formation

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Anguilla boasts the world’s first fully electronic registry system, the Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN). This state-of-the-art company’s system enables instant and secure electronic incorporations and registrations giving the island a competitive edge as company formation can be done 24 hours a day, 7/7.

Main Characteristics of an Anguilla Offshore Company

Company type
International Business Company (IBC)
Governing corporate legislation
The Anguilla Financial Service Commission is the governing authority and companies are regulated under the IBC Act 2000.
Information published relating to company officers
There is no public register of company officers.
Accounting requirement
No accounting / reporting requirements.
N.B. Section 65 (1) and (2) of the IBC Act 2000 (Amended) require all companies to maintain records permitting to document a company's transactions and financial situation
No Taxes of any sort.
While the company may not be liable to pay taxes, please consult with a tax/legal advisor in your country of residence, to determine your own tax liability.
Modern offshore legislation.
Standard currency
Time to form
Anguilla has a fast and efficient Registry: it takes only 2-3 days to register a company (upon validation of your identification documents).
Stable jurisdiction with very good reputation.
Efficient communication means.
Time zone
Convenient world time zone: GMT-4
Secretary required
Paid up capital requirement
No paid up capital requirement. The standard share capital is USD 50,000 but can be amended to fit your requirements.
Renewal Date
Anniversary date of the company / Each Year
Basis of legal System
Under Common Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders
Minimum of 1 director/shareholder
Bearer shares
Bearer shares are not permitted
Documents Required
for the Creation of Anguilla Company
A certified copy Certification of a passport can be made by a notary, an attorney-at-law, a bank, a public officer, or in accordance with SFM indications. Kindly consult your dedicated account manager at SFM to obtain precise information. of your passport, a certified copy of proof of domicile dated less than three months, a curriculum vitae, as well as last 3 months' bank statement. All in original.**

Frequently Asked Questions
Offshore Company Formation in Anguilla

  • What type of company do you register in Anguilla?

    The type of company that we form in Anguilla is known as an International Business Company (IBC), commonly known as offshore companies. An IBC is a company that is registered in Anguilla and conducts its business activity purely outside the island.
  • Is an Anguilla Offshore Company (IBC) tax liable?

    No, IBC companies formed in Anguilla are exempt from any form of taxation in Anguilla as long as the IBC does not conduct its business in Anguilla.

    While the company may not be liable to pay taxes, please consult with a tax/legal advisor in your country of residence, to determine your own tax liability.
  • Will my name be public once I setup a company in Anguilla?

    No, there is no public register of company officers in Anguilla.
  • How many directors and shareholders should I appoint on my Anguilla IBC?

    A minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder should be appointed to setup an Anguilla International Business Company (IBC).
  • Do I need to submit accounting records for my IBC company in Anguilla?

    No, there are no accounting requirements.

    However, Section 65 (1) and (2) of the IBC Act 2000 (Amended) require all companies to maintain records permitting the documentation of the company's transactions and financial situation.
  • Will my liability be limited if I register my company as an International Business Company (IBC) in Anguilla?

    The shareholders’ liability in an Anguilla IBC is typically limited to the amount of shares respectively held by them.
  • Do I need to deposit the paid up capital for an Anguilla IBC?

    No, there is no paid up capital requirement. The standard share capital is USD 50,000 but can be amended to fit your requirements.
  • Are bearer shares allowed in Anguilla?

    No bearer shares are not allowed in Anguilla and tend to disappear from most jurisdictions.

Anguilla Offshore Jurisdiction News

Report: Seychelles and Anguilla Next to Come Off Tax Haven Blacklist, not Panama

26 October 2021
In early October, European Union finance ministers in Brussels removed the Seychelles from the EU’s tax haven blacklist along with two other states: Dominica and Anguilla. They denied the request from a fourth jurisdiction – Panama[..]

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