SFM now uses encrypted email technology

1 April 2019
Posing as legitimate employees, servers, or devices, hackers can utilize email to infiltrate an organization’s digital infrastructure and wreak havoc on its business — potentially resulting in theft of intellectual property and capital as well as damage to the business.

Hackers target weak points in an organization’s email infrastructure using several common tactics. Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a sophisticated type of scam targeting companies that regularly perform wire transfer payments with suppliers. Hackers disguise themselves as known suppliers or service providers using spoofed email addresses in order to dupe companies and individuals into wiring funds to them instead of the real recipients.

Between October 2013 and May 2018, there have been an estimated 78,000 fraud incidents of this type worldwide — causing upwards of $12 billion in corporate losses.

To protect our clients, SFM is glad to announce the deployments of emails digital signatures on all its employees mailboxes worldwide to protect you from rogue actors whom could impersonate SFM employees and steal information from you.

From now on, any emails sent to you by your account manager will include a digital signature (identifiable by a little red ribbon on popular email clients) that guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the message.
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