SFM wins the Independent Corporate Service Provider of the Year UAE Award

12 May 2016
SFM wins the Independent Corporate Service Provider of the Year, UAE Award by Acquisition International and Corporate International

Acquisition International Magazine, the UK-based monthly magazine that seeks to inform, entertain, and influence the global corporate conversation, has recently held their annual awards, which highlight the work done by the world’s leading firms and individuals.

This year, SFM is proud to announce that we have been awarded the title of “Independent Corporate Service Provider of the Year – UAE”, which has been attributed to us based on our ranking as the most reliable and confidential corporate service provider that offers a competitive price policy and unparalleled customer service.

Via our company’s various Websites, we have worked hard to simplify the process of ordering the setup of corporate entities and the establishing of corporate bank accounts, as well as many other corporate services, across our range of 20+ jurisdictions. We work diligently to deliver our services and our dedicated global team strives hard to meet our clients’ requirements, so we are grateful and feel honoured to have been rewarded and recognised for our efforts.

Prizes such as the Offshore Excellence Awards demonstrate to the industry and to potential clients, the legitimacy of the businesses that are nominated and chosen as the award winners. Additionally, thanks to Acquisition International’s meticulously monitored nomination, judging, and selection process, all can rest assured that such recognition is given solely on a merit basis. At SFM, we believe that this encourages healthy competition between business competitors and fuels development within our industry and we look forward to continuing to raise the bar in 2016.

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As an industry leader in providing corporate services, SFM has perfected the company formation process. We are able to assist our clients by incorporating their companies in various locations worldwide whilst ensuring that the newly incorporated entity is fully compliant with corporate laws and practices in each and every jurisdiction.

As such we are very proud to have been awarded the title of Best Independent Corporate & Trust Services Provider – UAE by Acquisition International. We work hard to deliver services to our clients and take pride in what we do, so it feels great to be rewarded and recognised for our diligent work.

A Swiss regulated entity, our firm offers a range of corporate services to facilitate the incorporation process in over 20 jurisdictions. We specialise in offshore and onshore company formation and setting up corporate bank accounts for these entities globally.

Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with the most up to date information on our industry. As we work on a daily basis with over 20 jurisdictions worldwide, the environment in which our clients are forming their companies and setting up their corporate bank accounts is constantly changing. It is therefore critical for us to remain in the know to provide our clients with current information, along with the most appropriate solutions to any issues that may arise during the process of their company’s incorporation or corporate account opening procedure.

Through our website prospective clients are just a few clicks away from beginning the setup of their entities and corporate bank accounts. We have worked hard to simplify the process of ordering these services across our range of jurisdictions. Potential clients are also invited to chat directly with SFM’s experienced members of staff via the chat functions on our Websites, providing clients with free consultations and invaluable information.

Our industry is constantly evolving, which urges us to consistently adapt our services and policies. This keeps us market relevant and ensures that our international staff remain knowledgeable in all aspects of our field. This guarantees that our clients are kept updated of any changes that could potentially affect them or their businesses.

With laws regularly being changed or adapted, our industry can be a volatile one. Plus, with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) working diligently to strive for transparency of tax affairs and the effective exchange of information between jurisdictions, this past decade has seen many changes in our industry.

However, SFM has always remained mindful of the laws and regulations regarding the prevention of international money laundering and we implement strict risk control procedures within our corporate process. We believe that our due diligence processes are in our clients’ best interests and thus we undertake extensive compliance checks for all of our clients, while still maintaining a commercial appreciation of the practicalities of business. SFM also holds licenses with different risk intelligence companies in order to effectively conduct our due diligence policies, as we remain dedicated to delivering best business practice standards in a lawful environment.

Our business distinguishes itself in the industry through many different ways. Firstly, SFM is a member of several reputable associations, which provides our clients with a guarantee that we are fully compliant with laws and regulations in the different jurisdictions in which we incorporate companies.

Secondly, we recognise that understanding a client’s profile is critical to making smart decisions for their future and ours. Hence SFM’s professional team follows a strategic process to determine what is in our client’s best interest in order to identify the best opportunities for each of them.

Finally, we have streamlined the company formation and corporate bank account ordering process via our Websites. Clients can find the information that they require on our Websites, and if they have a particular question, they can pose it directly to our team through our live chat. This ensures that the client can make clear decisions that pertain solely to their business.

We have recently established a new branch of our company that specialises in onshore and free zone company formations within the UAE. With operations being conducted from our Dubai office, we are able to offer incorporation opportunities in more than 15 different zones within the jurisdiction of the UAE . Once clients opt for onshore and/or free zone UAE incorporations, we are able to assist them with the UAE residency visa process for themselves, their families, and their businesses employees. This growth within our company demonstrates our willingness and ability to adapt to the market and meet client’s demands.

Prizes such as the Offshore Excellence Awards demonstrate to the industry and our client, the legitimacy of the businesses that are nominated and chosen as the award winners. Additionally, thanks to Acquisition International’s meticulously monitored nomination, judging, and selection process, the prizes are given solely on a merit basis. This encourages healthy competition between business competitors and fuelling development within our industry.

SFM has become a reputable market leader, recognised for its company formation services and bespoke offerings. We have likely been awarded this title because we have consistently been able to provide clients with the opportunities to build their businesses upon a solid platform to engage in commercial activities across the world. This is as well as a tap into emerging and developed markets from business-friendly environments. Moreover, through our Websites we have been able to simply the process of understanding and ordering offshore and onshore company set ups and all that these entail, ultimately facilitating the company formation procedure for our clients.

SFM intends to continue to grow in the future, with new offices being planned in more cities around the world. Moreover, we will be looking to work with more jurisdictions in order to meet the growing demands of our clients and expand their opportunities. We will continue to work on and develop our banking network to ensure that we can provide the best solutions for all of our client’s business needs.

Moving forward we have an exciting future ahead of us and look forward to persisting in our efforts to provide the best onshore and offshore corporate services internationally.

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