Marshall Islands Company Formation: A Focus on Opportunity

17 April 2023

The Marshall islands are a Pacific island chain famous for stunning vistas and pristine diving locations. Its other major claim to fame is being a popular company formation destination. This seemingly remote island chain is quickly turning into a business hub due to its favourable tax climate and the sheer ease of setting up an offshore company in the region. The article below will expand on these benefits and will showcase why the Marshall Islands are one of the top company formation jurisdictions in the world. Favorable Tax Regime

One of the biggest reasons you would want to register your company in the Marshall Islands is the highly favourable tax regime. Companies choosing to incorporate here will not be subjected to corporate or personal taxes. Furthermore, there are no taxes on capital gains, estates, or inheritance, increasing the overall appeal of the region. While a company may not be liable to pay taxes in this jurisdiction, it is still necessary to consult with a tax or legal advisor in the country of residence to determine tax liability.

Asset Protection

Robust asset protection laws in the Marshall Islands make it a lucrative region for setting up a company. These laws protect a company’s assets from creditors and other legal challenges such as seizures or attachment. This gives companies in the region a greater financial security buffer.

Flexible Company Structures

Setting up and operating a business in the Marshall Islands is an easy process thanks to the flexible company structures offered by the jurisdiction. Companies that wish to incorporate here can choose from a wide range of structures, including LLC (limited liability company), partnerships, and corporations. There is also no minimum share capital requirements, which helps to remove unnecessary financial barriers in the company formation process.

Low Registration Costs

With all the benefits on offer by the Marshall Islands, it is natural to want to know how much it costs to register a company in the region. The registration pricing here tends to be lower when compared to other jurisdictions. The initial registration cost is only $1470, inclusive of government fees, agency fees, and general office services. This low price helps to reduce startup costs.

Vessel Registration

In addition to being an ideal location for company formation, the Marshall Islands is also a popular choice for vessel registration. The region’s shipping registry is one of the largest in the world, with the Marshall Islands also ranking as a top global flag state (over 4000 vessels are currently registered under this nation’s flag).

Your Next Investment Destination

With all the above information taken into consideration, it is clear why the Marshall Islands are a popular destination for companies that wish to incorporate. However, it is still important to choose a reputable company like SFM to assist you throughout the registration process to ensure you are fully compliant with local regulations and to take maximum advantage of all the benefits on offer for businesses in the region.

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