SFM holds a roadshow in Shanghai

27 October 2019
With the rapid development of the economic environment and the ongoing Expo 2020 project, UAE has become one of the most popular locations for Chinese investors in terms of the business setup.

To address this growing potential, SFM Corporate Services, Ras Al Khaimah’s International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) and World Trade Enterprise Consultancy (WTC) of China jointly organised a promotion event in China.

This promotion event was held on 28th of June at Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, under the hosting of WTC, which was attended by more than 100 Chinese investors and numerous representatives of its organizers.

Among the main topics and concerns, speakers discussed the international regulatory framework, as it went through major reforms during the recent years either from corporate tax transparency perspective or customer due diligence requirements. With the implementation of various systems and standards, the entire offshore market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Yet, the UAE’s reputation as financial hub and corporate/individual tax free country has been steadily on the rise. This is due to the constant efforts by UAE authorities, not to mention the blessing of the UAE’s excellent location which puts 80% of the countries within 8 hours flights from the center of the UAE.

The closing Q&A session confirmed the Chinese investors’ unquenchable interest in UAE opportunities and SFM services as could be inferred from the innumerable questions answered by SFM’s CEO.

Following this event, we are very pleased to have reached a milestone by laying solid foundations for our coming cooperation with WTC and the Chinese market.
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