ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), a premier International Financial Centre

20 November 2023
ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), a premier International Financial Centre

ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market), a premier International Financial Centre, is now part of our expanding repertoire, offering entrepreneurs a dynamic and lucrative jurisdiction for their business ventures.

explore our services in ADGM Inaugurated in late October 2015, ADGM has swiftly earned global acclaim for its robust regulatory frameworks, English common law legal foundation, and top-notch incorporation and business services. Spanning across Al Maryah Island and Al Reem Island, ADGM's 14.38 million sqm area positions it among the world's largest financial districts, attracting diverse businesses ranging from financial institutions and asset management to fintech, corporations, and professional services firms.

ADGM's comprehensive suite of business solutions includes various legal structures, company registration and incorporation, regulatory guidance, dispute resolution, and access to a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. Functioning as a catalyst for change, ADGM actively nurtures growth, fosters innovation, and supports economic diversification in alignment with Abu Dhabi's visionary future.

Unleashing Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Corporations in a Dynamic Financial Hub

Entrepreneurs opting for ADGM benefit from its choice of legal structures, a reliable partner network, and straightforward set-up processes. ADGM stands out as the fastest-growing international financial centre in the region, offering a conducive environment for growth and innovation.

  • For entrepreneurs seeking Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), ADGM provides a flexible, robust, simple, and efficient regime, benchmarked against global alternatives. The ADGM SPV introduces a groundbreaking feature with multiple classes of shares, including fractional shareholding – a first in the region. The option to fully customize the Memorandum/Articles makes ADGM SPV an attractive choice for various holding and investment structures, ensuring alignment with specific business needs. Still, it is a prerequisite for ADGM SPVs to demonstrate an appropriate connection or 'nexus' to ADGM, the UAE, and/or the GCC Region.

    Notably, since the ADGM Company Service Provider Regulations took effect in April 2021, all ADGM Special Purpose Vehicles are required to appoint a Company Service Provider for company secretarial and registered agent services, serving as the point of contact between the ADGM Registration Authority and the SPV.
  • Corporations and Non-Financial firms based in ADGM enjoy the benefits of an extensive business services, and a legal framework aligned with international standards and English common law. ADGM serves as an ideal platform for professional services entities, offering access to opportunities arising from Abu Dhabi's rapid growth and the broader MENA region.

    As a broad-based International Financial Centre, ADGM facilitates a wide range of professional adviser services, with over 150 entities already registered and active. These entities cater to the growing financial services community and serve government and private sector clients across the UAE and surrounding markets in areas such as legal, accounting, consulting, human resources, information technology, and training.

SFM Corporate Services: Your Catalyst for Business Transformation in ADGM's Dynamic Landscape

Embark on a transformative journey with SFM Corporate Services as your preferred Corporate Service Provider with extensive experience in the dynamic landscape of ADGM. We take pride in our established expertise and look forward to supporting your business growth with a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence.

To explore our services in ADGM or discuss your business needs, visit our website at www.sfm.com or contact our dedicated team at info@sfm.com. Thank you for choosing SFM!

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