1. The company must first be incorporated and have a valid trade license issued.
  2. The first step is to apply for a Ministry of Labour quota for employees of the company. The MOL is interested in the profession of the intended employees and their basic personal details.
  3. The quota process is not an exact science, it can take anywhere between one to five working days to receive the approval.
  4. The next stage is to electronically upload all the necessary documents for the Work Permit approval. Higher ranking professional positions will need to be justified by providing notarised and attested educational certificates. The standard client KYC documents will also be needed here, such as photo and passport copies.
  5. In order to calculate the amount of time this process will take, there are certain considerations in this process, for instance there are certain nationalities that require extra security and checks. This is nationality specific and country of birth specific. Also there are extensive checks regarding UN sanctions lists. Therefore this process can take as little as one day or should the name check come up with same issues there is really no limit to how long it will take. Most requests are completed well within a ten working days period.
  6. A deposit with the Ministry of Labour will be required after the necessary permit has been approved, then the file can be transmitted to the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department. From here the process for residence visa begins.
  7. The entry permit is issued under the title of ‘Residency Permit’; this is then sent to client if they are abroad at the time or given to client if in the country and the necessary steps are taken to issue the residency permit to the respective passport. Those processes are as follows;
  8. The permit holder will need to undergo medical tests in the UAE at designated medical centres; the results can be obtained in 24 hours or up to 72 hours depending upon the urgency of the case and extra fees. There is also a finger printing process and photo capture to issue the Emirates ID card, which is mandatory in the UAE.
  9. Once the medical is complete and has been passed, the official labour contract between employer and employee is generated and will need to be signed in person.
  10. The residency visa is then stamped into the passport of the employee and their Emirates ID and Labour Card are sent via post to the designated address.
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