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Corporate and Business Prepaid Cards

Clients of SFM whose company is in good standing may be desirous of applying for additional third party services such as a corporate prepaid card. In that frame, SFM may introduce its clients to a corporate card provider to permit a service application. The provision of the corporate debit card itself is subject to the acceptance of the application by the issuing bank and to an agreement between the client and the card provider.


Main features


A safety & funding account


SMS/email notification

The cardholder’s name does not appear on the Card and is not registered on the magnetic strip nor on the chip.
Link to the card to separate the funds available on the card and the funds waiting to be loaded on the card.
The card is secured with a chip and a PIN code.
For maximum protection


  • High loading limits up to USD 720’000 per year
  • High spending limits up to USD 30’000 per transaction
  • Simple loading process with a bank transfer from a corporate account
  • Instant issuing easy and simple activation process, no credit application, no pledging or collateral process
  • 24/7 monitoring through the cardholder’s area on a secured website
  • Renewable at expiry date

The card

  • can be used in more than 30 million points of sale (POS) worldwide, in more than 2 million ATM worldwide, and over Internet
  • is secured with a chip and a PIN code and can be redeemed in case of loss
  • is renewed after the expiration date
  • is available in two currencies ( EUR and USD)
  • is an internationally accepted prepaid payment card


The cardholder’s fees

  • Loading fees: 2.5%
  • Issuance fees: 200 EUR / 220 USD
  • Monthly fees: 9 EUR / 10 USD
  • ATM fees: 1.5% (min. 5.5 EUR / 6.25 USD)
  • POS fees: Free of charge
  • Email notification: Free of charge


Please contact us should you have any interest in this product.


The service provided by SFM consists in introducing eligible clients to a third party provider. Nothing on this page shall be construed as an offer to provide payment instruments or as an invitation to acquire a particular third party service. Examples are provided for illustration purpose only : a card’s characteristics vary from one provider to another, and do not constitute a warranty that the same conditions will be available at the time the introduction to a provider is performed. The service may be subject to restrictions for clients residing in particular jurisdictions, please contact your service manager for more information.


As part of our onshore and offshore company formation services, we offer a corporate prepaid card that enables you to make payments and withdraw cash around the world. Our corporate prepaid card is a convenient way to manage your business finances, with low fees and easy online management.

Contact our corporate structuring specialists today to learn more about our corporate prepaid card and how it can benefit your business. Our team will also be able to assist you with other queries, such as questions about the jurisdictions on our list of onshore and offshore jurisdictions (including any queries about the legal and regulatory framework of each area).

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