0% Tax Jurisdiction in Heart of EU - Utopia?

25 June 2015

In response to overwhelming customer demand for efficient corporate services solutions within the EU, SFM is pleased to introduce Gibraltar - a 0% tax jurisdiction in the heart of EU.
Gibraltar is the optimal choice, tailor fitted to clients particularly seeking the image and stability of an EU company, with the efficiency and simplicity of a classic offshore solution. Gibraltar is a permanent member of the European Union and, for this reason, companies registered in Gibraltar benefit from all of the advantages of a European company, but with an efficient 0% tax rate.
Gibraltar is a city-state located south of Spain. It is a British overseas territory which has been a United Kingdom possession since 1704. Gibraltar companies are regulated under the Gibraltar Companies Ordinance 1930, which allow for a 0% taxable corporate income, as long as all income is derived outside of Gibraltar. This is beneficial for those seeking the stability and high-quality brand value that comes with an EU registered company, but need an efficient, simple and workable solution for their business venture.
The economy of Gibraltar is split into the following main industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Shipping
  • Gaming
  • Tourism

A Gibraltar company is particularly attractive to:
  • Internet Entrepreneurs
  • Business People
  • Shipping Entrepreneurs
  • For Holding Property
  • Consultancy/Counselling

Beginning in the 1960’s, many financial service operators, private banks gaming operators, bookeepers, and tourism operators moved to Gibraltar to profit from its attractive corporate tax rates. This has also spurred further growth in the financial services industry of Gibraltar and provided growth for its high-quality private banking establishments.
A fairly high number of international private banks have operations based out of Gibraltar, many dating back to the 1800’s. The Companies (Taxation and Concessions) Ordinance has been in effect since 1967. This has allowed special tax treatment for international business companies (IBC’s). To find out more about how a company in Gibraltar could suit you, please check our complete fact sheet or contact us to secure your free consultation with one of our corporate service experts.

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