SFM Launches EU Residency Services

12 November 2015
As a new service, SFM offers Schengen Area (EU) residency services to its clients. Currently, EU Residency has seen increased interest throughout 2014 and especially 2015. In order to better serve our customer base, SFM is offering Residency Solutions in the Schengen Area via a simple and efficient scheme.
  • Deposit 300’000 Euros with a leading European bank for 5 years.
  • Earn annually 3% net income per year on your deposit.
  • After 5 years, either renew the deposit and the residency, or withdraw your principal deposit.


Latvia offers residency in the EU via a safe and secure financial environment, with EU-standard, high quality investment options and attractive rate of taxation. Residents of Latvia are free to move anywhere within the EU without any visa requirements, effectively becoming EU-Wide, Free Residents. Individuals wishing to live and work in the EU must obtain a residence permit. There are several ways of achieving this, but our favoured scheme is via a subordinated deposit to a bank, which carries an annual 3% return on investment.
Both investors and their family members are granted EU Residence Permits. Permits are valid for 5 years, and upon the expiry of the residence permit, the investor simply has the right to renew the permit as long as the deposit stays in place.
For further information about our EU Immigration Options, Click here or contact one of our SFM customer representatives:

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