Launch of www.DubaiCompany.com

20 July 2014

SFM, market leader in offshore company formation, has recently launched the new Website www.DubaiCompany.com, offering clients an opportunity to incorporate their companies across the United Arab Emirates through a user-friendly interface. Boasting information on SFM’s ability to incorporate free zone, offshore and onshore companies in over 20 different zones within the UAE, SFM is poised to become the country’s front runner for the formation of local-based companies, thanks to this accessible, Web-based approach.
Through this new venture, the Swiss regulated entity, SFM — with its years of experience and in-house company formation experts — provides clients the prospect to build a business with a solid platform to engage in commercial activities in the prosperous region of the Middle East, as well as tap into the vast markets in Africa and Asia, from a safe, business-friendly environment.
In addition to incorporating companies in five of the UAE’s seven emirates — namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah — SFM is also offering access to Dubai-based bank accounts for corporate and personal use, and assistance with the immigration and residency process in the UAE.
Via www.DubaiCompany.com, interested parties can consult the comprehensive information available online, engage in a live chat with a company formation specialist, and/or order the services that best suit their needs. For all other information and questions, the Website invites the user to call, email or visit the SFM Offices in Dubai directly.

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