SFM now offering Canada Incorporations

24 February 2019
SFM is delighted to now offer incorporation services in Canada. The country offers 0% taxation for nonresident companies and many more attractive advantages.
Canada is a popular destination for many business investors due to countless number of benefits for setting up a business, especially within Quebec either as an entrepreneur or for holding purposes. The following reasons are merely a few arguments why you should consider incorporating company in one of Canada’s jurisdictions, and more particularly in Quebec

Economic Openness

Canada has always been a trading nation and commerce remains the engine of economic growth. In 1988, Canada enacted free trade with the United States. Mexico became a partner in 1994 in the broader North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with over 444 million people and over $1 trillion in merchandise traded in 2008.

Today, Canada is one of the ten largest economies in the world and is part of the G7 group of leading industrialized countries with the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Japan.

Canada scores high on factors that are important to businesses including:
  • A productive work-force.
  • Stable economic and political environment.
  • Attractive tax regime.
  • Pro-business environment.
  • World-class infrastructure and an effective legal system.
Further to this, legislation retains the flexibility and stability associated with English common law. Canadian companies may hold overseas or local real estate, companies, stock, etc. to protect owners from divorce settlements or other attachments. Changing property ownership is also easier and cheaper by transferring the shares of the holding company.

Simple Incorporation requirements

There are several forms for setting up conducting business in Canada and one of these is via forming a Limited company. These companies are regulated under the federal business law of Canada (CBCA) or under any other provincial corporations’ act.

Most companies (i.e. with less than 50 million CAD in turnover) do not have to audit their account statements, though it is always possible to opt-in if wished.

Quebec in particular offers an interesting mix as it allows companies to be set up with a minimum of 1 director with no residency requirement. The positions and powers of officers are to be set out in the articles, by-laws and/or resolutions of the corporation and It is possible for one person to fill all the required positions above.

Reporting a company as a non-resident company is very simple and does not require the submitting of financial statements. A company that is non-resident during a given tax period will not be subject to taxation of their revenue by Canada during the relevant tax period.

Last, and a Quebec company can be formed in as little time as 10 working days by providing simple documents.


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