Florida: its orange juice and...Offshore companies

8 April 2016

SFM welcomes Florida to the ever-growing list of jurisdictions where we offer corporate services. In a similar vein to Delaware Limited Liability Companies, Florida LLCs offer tax efficiencies, hold no accounting requirements, and provide limited liability for its members with no paid up capital necessary. Provided that a Florida LLC does not operate in the US and that its owners are not US citizens, the company is not subject to taxation of any kind in the jurisdiction. Plus, with no public register of company officers, the State of Florida offers clients a very high level of confidentiality and privacy.

Home to Miami, the second largest international financial industry in the United States (after New York City), Florida is an ideal and reputable state in which to incorporate a company. Florida’s infrastructure, talent, and business-friendly tax policies are recognised among the US’s best, attracting the headquarters of many nationally ranked companies. Indeed, the state has consistently enjoyed the title of one of the top three best states for conducting business.

Florida’s GDP is the fourth largest economy in the United States and it is also a global leader in international trade and foreign direct investment bringing in US $158 billion in 2013. And with 40% of US exports to Latin America passing through Florida, the state is a major gateway for merchandise trade between North and South America.

To find out more about incorporating a company in Florida, check our complete, fact sheet or contact us to secure your free consultation with one of our corporate service experts.

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