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Your account manager will ask you for official documents which are required for your company formation.
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Once your documents have been processed your company will be successfully registered.
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Your account manager will guide you through the steps of completing your request of additional services such as bank accounts.
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UK Company

Good to Know
One of the largest benefits of operating a UK company is the ease of doing business. According to World Bank, the UK has one of the highest ease of doing business scores out of all the countries in the world, therefore since the start, the process of registering a Limited company is extremely simple and fast, and there is no need to appoint a local director or partner. Offering one of the most prosperous and stable markets in the world, the UK’s future political situation may be a better position for quick reaction to global events and market shifts

Main Characteristics

Company type
Private Limited Company.
Governing corporate legislation
UK companies are regulated under the Companies Act 2006. The UK Companies House is the governing authority.
Information published relating to company officers
Upon registration of the company, the names of company officers will appear on public record. A register of “people with significant control” has been in force since the 6 April 2016
Accounting requirement
Accounts and tax filing must be submitted by year-end.
The current Corporation Tax rate for company profits in the UK is 19%. (see https://www.gov.uk/corporation-tax-rates and https://www.gov.uk/guidance/corporate-tax).
Standard currency
Time to form
The UK has a fast and efficient registry. Company formation can be processed electronically within 2-3 days (upon validation of your identification documents).
Very stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation.
Good communication means.
Time zone
Convenient time zone (GMT).
Secretary required
Paid up capital requirement
Minimum share capital: £1.
Renewal Date
Anniversary date of the company / Each Year
Basis of legal system
Under Common Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders
Minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder.
Bearer shares
Bearer shares are not permitted.

Documents Required

for the Creation of the Company

A certified copy Certification of a passport can be made by a notary, an attorney-at-law, a bank, a public officer, or in accordance with SFM indications. Kindly consult your dedicated account manager at SFM to obtain precise information. of your passport, a certified copy of proof of domicile dated less than three months, a curriculum vitae, as well as last 3 months' bank statement. All in original.**

Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore Company Formation in UK

  • What type of company do you register in the UK?

    The type of company that we setup in the UK is known as a Private Limited Company. It is a legal entity that can have a limited number of shares and can be owned privately by one or a group of private individuals. A private limited company cannot list its shares on the stockmarket, which means that it cannot be offered to the general public.
  • Do I need to travel to the UK at any point to setup my Private Limited Company?

    No, the registrar of companies (Companies House) in the UK is extremely efficient and all formalities can be completed remotely.
  • Do I need to submit accounts for a Private Limited Company in the UK?

    Yes, the annual accounts and tax filing must be prepared and submitted by year-end.
  • How can I know if my Private Limited Company company will be tax liable in the UK?

    Please refer to our complete guide about the UK Private Limited Company company taxation
  • Will my data be publicly available once I form a Private Limited Company in the UK?

    Upon registration of a Private Limited Company, the names of company officers will appear on the public record.

    Additionally, a new Register of “The People with Significant Control” (PSC) has been implemented and must be declared since April 2016.

    (PSC) Register includes information about the individuals who own or control companies including their name, date of birth, nationality, and details of their interest in the company.
  • Will my liability be limited if I setup my company as a Private Limited Company in the UK?

    The shareholders’ liability in a Private Limited Company is typically limited to the amount of shares respectively held by them.
  • Is there a paid-up capital for a Private Limited Company in the UK?

    In general, companies must have a share capital that can be of any value. By default, the minimum share capital to be mentioned is at least £1.
  • How many directors and shareholders should I appoint to my Private Limited Company in the UK?

    A minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder should be appointed on a Private Limited Company in the UK.

    Additionally, since the implementation of the Companies Act 2006, the company secretary is no longer required.

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** Documents must be provided for every person related to the company.
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