Panamanian authorities plan to attract $5 billion of foreign investment to the country

26 March 2015

According to the forecasts of Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), the inflow of Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) to the republic of Panama will be nearly $5 billion in 2015. It is a task that goes hand in hand with the work being conducted by the Government Investment and Export Promotion agency (Proinvex Panama), Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MICI), whose main challenge is attracting investors and promoting export.
In addition to conducting a new business strategy, Proinvex soon will be organizing an event in Panama City where foreign investors will participate directly in such sectors as tourism, energy, logistics, services, construction and trade, among others.
The event hasn’t received its official name yet, but it is already known that it will present a number of opportunities for companies interested in establishing operations in Panama. For example, there are companies interested in construction industrial facilities in free zones of Panama.
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Such new fair-type of event is seen as a fresh trend and it’s no longer just about going out of the country to promote Panama, but rather, attracting investors to the country and achieve a motivating effect by offering to try out Panamanian market development and opportunities that exist here.

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