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19 May 2018
Much echo is being given nowadays to the introduction of the new European regulations regarding the processing of personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and not only in the European Union.
Given the very broad legal definitions, processing personal data means almost anything including maintaining client information in a database, should it be merely for billing purpose.
In addition, the GDPR contains important provisions for the securing of the personal data, in terms of preventing leaks and reducing the usefulness of leaked data.
Financial or corporate services providers such as SFM are already subject to obligations enforcing the protection of client personal data and information, as a corollary to their duty of maintaining such client information.
If you are an SFM client, you are already aware that SFM maintains personal client information and process personal data in relation to due diligence obligation.
SFM has always taken its obligation of protecting client data seriously and as been constantly improving its systems’ security to prevent leak of data.
Our website is completely secure. It does not store data, and the data entered by our clients is encrypted using SSL certificate encryption.
Our client database includes protections against printing or exports. Thus, all the confidential data or personal data of our clients is strictly confined.
Our electronic file repository is separate from our client database, to protect our client documentation from a breach of data.
Restrictive policies regarding the use of personal data have also long been implemented at SFM.
No personal data permitting the identification of a client is being used for a purpose unrelated to the service, and SFM has no plan to change this.
During the last few days, SFM has also proceeded to align with the new GDPR requirements.
Therefore, we have updated our website privacy policy, our terms of services, and we are now also providing specific information regarding the nature of the data we process, how it is processed, and how long personal data may be maintained via a client privacy notice.
If you are merely a newsletter subscriber, you will be given the possibility to review the data you provided to SFM (your name, surname, email address) via a dedicated link provided with the newsletter.
This will enable you to update this information is necessary, or even request its permanent deletion.
If you have any questions or concerns about how we manage and process your data, please contact us at gdpr@sfmcorporate.com

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