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7 April 2015
anque et Finance looks at the offshore market and interview SFM

October 2011 – Banque et Finance looks at the offshore market and interview SFM

For tax benefits, asset protection and discretion, many consider incorporating offshore

Offshore company formation in the Seychelles, Mauritius or BVI can offer businesses and individuals great tax savings while providing confidentiality with taxes eating a hole in their profits, more and more business people are casting a glance toward their economic horizon and considering offshore company formation. Once the province of only the mega-wealthy, the offshore IBC (International Business Corporation) is now within reach as a solution for a broader range of business owners looking to have a Mauritius company or a BVI company (British Virgin Islands) to shield their profits, simplify their taxes, and conduct their business with more privacy. Still, with laws and conditions on the ground that are complicated and constantly changing, these are tricky waters to navigate without the right partner.

One rock-solid company offering offshore company formation and assistance is SFM-Offshore. A member of the Geneva Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and in business for 15 years, the company has long experience and know-how in all the countries in which it offers offshore IBC services. As a member of several reputable financial associations, such as The International Financial Management Association, the International Tax Planning Association and more, SFM-Offshore is always abreast of all the latest tax laws, their implications and strategies for maximizing and protecting their clients’ assets. The company’s online presence allows it to speed up the incorporation process considerably — clients can “order” their new offshore IBC right from the website.

Because all countries have different policies regarding offshore company formation, some more favorable than others, SFM-Offshore singles out the countries that are friendliest to offshore IBCs, as well as being most stable politically and economically. However, since these conditions are constantly changing, the company keeps a close eye on the prevailing winds and makes recommendations to their clients accordingly. For example, SFM-Offshore can help a client form a BVI company, a Seychelles company or a Mauritius company, or assist them in incorporating in Panama, the state of Delaware in the US, Anguilla, Belize or Cayman. Right now, they frequently advise clients to choose Offshore company formation in Panama or a Seychelles company because of the combination of low fees, the speed of the incorporation process, and the high level of confidentiality afforded by these countries. That said, SFM-Offshore plans to open a new office in the British Virgin Islands sometime during the first half of 2009.

While SFM-offshore is based in Switzerland and Seychelles you won’t have to book a flight to open your offshore IBC. SFM-Offshore can handle everything via correspondence. The company provides other services too, such as designing your company’s logo. If you are in a hurry to obtain an offshore company, SFM-Offshore offers “shelf companies” that are already incorporated and awaiting a buyer. It even offers its customers a “virtual office” option, which allows clients to have a company address and receive mail in Geneva as well as in their country of incorporation, which can boost the image perception of their companies.

Those who are looking at offshore incorporation as a way of saving money will want to note that SFM-Offshore is one of the most competitively priced for the services they offer. Part of the reason for this is that the company’s long experience in the field of offshore incorporation, its well-established network of relationships and deep knowledge of the various countries allows it to complete the process much more efficiently. The company’s being headquartered in Switzerland affords its clients the highest level of discretion as well.

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