DTEC is Here – What is It and How Can it Benefit You?

29 August 2018
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Once again proving that the UAE is one of the world’s best centres for tech companies, a new jurisdiction has just opened in Dubai for start-ups. Called DTEC, it’s full name is “Dubai Technology Entrepreneurial Centre” and its currently the Middle East’s largest start-up centre. Here, we explain what it is, what it does, and how businesses just like yours can benefit from its fantastic opportunities for tech development.

What is DTEC?

It’s an integrated ecosystem of tools and functions designed and built especially for technology entrepreneurs. We believe you’ll find everything you need for your technology start-up business regardless of which industry you presently operate. There are several components to DTEC:

  • Co-working spaces for free zone registered companies that encourage events, networking, and environments to build and maintain your business. Whether you’re looking for hotdesking space or dedicated offices, DTEC can provide what you need right now
  • DTEC Accelerator speeds up the innovation process through partnerships with carefully selected companies dedicated to helping technology start-ups get a foothold in their industry
  • Facilities for licensing your company in UAE
  • A Venture Capital unit called DTEC Ventures. This is part of the early-stage development of businesses based in MENA region and Dubai
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs and SMEs working together to encourage start-ups within Dubai in a custom-built environment
  • 24/7 access to the facilities, visa application, and meeting and event space.
All this, and you will retain 100% ownership of your business.

Advantages of DTEC

Ease: As a new business, you don’t want to be held back by unnecessary red tape, especially if you’re not a UAE citizen. You want to be able to work. Nothing is as easy as using SFM Corporate Services for your DTEC needs. Everything from visa processing and the onsite facilities at DTEC, ample dedicated parking, and even onsite rest areas.

Incorporation: UAE already has a reputation for being one of the easiest places in the world to set up a business. That is just as true for foreign nationals resident in UAE as it is for residents. The full range of services in DTEC means you can incorporate through the jurisdiction. Using SFM Corporate Services, you can take all the pressure off starting up a business and get straight down to work.

Flexibility: Everything about DTEC is flexible. We know that as a tech start-up, you likely crave that more than anything else. As a DTEC user, choice is the very foundation of what they do. Even from the choice of office space. If a hot desk suits you now but in time you’ll need your own dedicated desk or even private offices, you may choose whichever works for you.

Access to a community: With DTEC, you don’t just have access to nice desks, networking and luxurious rest areas. Ultimately, the jurisdiction is about fostering business relationships. This community fosters partnerships, mentorships and encourages a strong and supportive business community toward common goals. That’s why the corporate partner network is so important to DTEC, to ensure strong and healthy building blocks for the future for entrepreneurs.

Education tools: The Accelerator programme offers DTEC users a way of developing their skills to help their businesses. With short intense courses designed to complete in months rather than years, you can take your business to the next step, sustainably for its long-term development. You’ll have access to mentors in virtually every relevant field.

If you wish to take advantage of the fantastic facilities available to users of the new DTEC jurisdiction, contact SFM Corporate Services today and we can help you get started.

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