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5 simple steps are needed to register an offshore company in Mauritius

Upload your documents
Your account manager will ask you for official documents which are required for your company formation.
Register your company successfully
Once your documents have been processed your company will be successfully registered.
Process any additional services
Your account manager will guide you through the steps of completing your request of additional services such as bank accounts.
Manage Your company via our client portal
Our client portal will give you immediate access to all your documents as well as display your company structure.

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Mauritius Offshore Company Formation

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For the eighth consecutive year, the World Bank's 2016 Ease of Doing Business report ranks Mauritius 1st among African economies and 32nd worldwide out of 189 economies in terms of ease of doing business, making Mauritius the leader in economic freedom for the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Main Characteristics of a Mauritius Offshore Company

Company type
Mauritius Authorized company
Governing corporate legislation
The Mauritius Financial Service Commission is the governing authority and companies are regulated under the Companies Act 2001.
Information published relating to company officers
Names of company officers are filed with the Registrar but are not open to public inspection.
Accounting requirement
Abbreviated balance sheet to be produced on a yearly basis - Accounting price list.
No taxes of any sort.
While the company may not be liable to pay taxes, please consult with a tax/legal advisor in your country of residence, to determine your own tax liability.
Modern offshore legislation.
Standard currency
Time to form
Mauritius has a fast and efficient registry: 1 week formation time (upon validation of your identification documents).
Stable jurisdiction with a very good reputation.
Efficient communication means.
Time zone
Convenient world time zone: GMT+4
Secretary required
Paid up capital requirement
No paid up capital requirement.
Renewal Date
July 1st / each year
Basis of legal system
Under Civil Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders
Minimum of 1 director/shareholder.
Bearer shares
Bearer shares not permitted.

Documents Required

for the Creation of a Mauritius Company

A certified copy Certification of a passport can be made by a notary, an attorney-at-law, a bank, a public officer, or in accordance with SFM indications. Kindly consult your dedicated account manager at SFM to obtain precise information. of your passport, a certified copy of proof of domicile dated less than three months, an original personal bank reference letter mentioning good standing of the account since at least 2 years dated less than three months, an original bank statement for a personal account from the last 6 months indicating the client’s name & address, as well as a signed business plan and a curriculum vitae. All in original.**

Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore Company Formation in Mauritius

  • What is an Authorized Company and Global Business License (GBL) in Mauritius?

    Initially, these two categories used to be called Global Business Category 1 (GBC1) and Global Business Category 2 (GBC2). However, the Mauritian Government passed the Financial Provisions Act 2018 and changed these two categories.
    The GBC1 category was changed to Global Business License (GBL), whereas the GBC2 category was abolished and replaced with the category of Authorised Companies.

    A GBCL is a local resident company in Mauritius and is required to be both managed and controlled from Mauritius. An Authorized Company is considered a non-resident company in Mauritius and therefore it is a business entity that neither resides nor operates in Mauritius.
  • Will my company be subject to taxes if I setup my company in Mauritius?

    Global Business License (GBL) companies are taxed at a flat rate of 15%, just like any other Mauritian company.
    Authorized Companies are not liable to tax in Mauritius.

    While the company may not be liable to pay taxes, please consult with a tax/legal advisor in your country of residence, to determine your own tax liability.
  • Can I benefit from Double Taxation Treaties if I register my company in Mauritius?

    Yes, you may benefit from the Double Taxation Treaties network if you form a company under the category of Global Business License (GBL) in Mauritius. However, if you form your company under the category of Authorized Company, then you are not eligible to profit from these treaties.
  • Do you assist to register an Authorized Company and Global Business License (GBL) in Mauritius?

    Generally speaking, we assist in registering Authorized Companies in Mauritius.
    However, if you are interested in registering a GBL in Mauritius, we recommend you to contact us and our team will assist you accordingly.
  • Is there any obligation to file accounts while registering an Authorized Company in Mauritius?

    It is mandatory to produce financial summaries to be filed with FSC (Financial Services Commission) on an annual basis.
  • How many directors and shareholders are required to be appointed while registering a company in Mauritius?

    While registering a Global Business License (GBL) in Mauritius, it is required to have a minimum of one shareholder and two directors; both of whom reside in Mauritius and are qualified enough to exercise independence of mind and judgment.

    However, If you setup your company as an Authorized Company then a minimum of one director/shareholder is required and doesn’t need to be a resident in Mauritius.
  • Should my bank account be opened in the same jurisdiction if I form my company in Mauritius?

    A Global Business License (GBL) must have its principal bank account in Mauritius, however, for an Authorized Company, it is not mandatory to have the bank account in Mauritius.
  • Do I need to travel at any stage to form a company or to open a bank account in Mauritius?

    No, everything can be processed remotely.

Mauritius Offshore Jurisdiction News

Major changes are happening in Mauritius

10 September 2018
Brought into force on 31st July 2018, The Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act enacted several major changes to legislation that will impact Mauritius’ Global Business Companies regime. [..]
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Mauritius looks for more growth in 2017

6 July 2017
Mauritius has unveiled its budget for 2017/18 in a speech on 8 June by Pravind Jugnauth, who serves as both prime minister and finance minister. He reported economic growth over the past 12 months and predicted further growth, including the reduction of the fiscal deficit. [..]
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Mauritius Cuts Company Registration Fee

17 January 2016
Mauritius has slashed the registration fee for a small private company with a turnover[..]
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* Subject to the constraints of the due diligence procedure.
** Documents must be provided for every person related to the company.
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